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Citizen Access

The principle of providing good customer service is now at the “heart” of most Local Authorities’ operations, but deciding on the best approach can often be difficult.

Indigo Edge has developed an approach that will aid Councils to better understand how
to meet their citizens’ needs.

Using analysis techniques we can gain a clear understanding of the areas of your Customer Service operations that might not be operating as effectively as they could be or areas where performance or communication may be failing.

Using Business Process Redesign techniques, we can analyse the boundaries between your front and back office to understand and implement ways of reducing current breakages in your “end to end” processes. This will enable you to provide excellent customer services.

We can determine the key number and type of resources required to optimise organisational efficiency.

We can support in the design and implementation of the most efficient processes and procedures required to run a streamlined customer service centre.

We can provide advice and implement new ways of working with customers through the use of existing or new technologies.