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A unique software tool that helps that helps local authorities to easily service demand forecast and plan for the future whilst also providing a strong performance management solution.

SiPP™ aids in supporting services to improve productivity, make informed decisions and allow flexible
working initiatives. Our software can be customised and configured to your local needs and support any
performance management process.

Service Planning and Forecasting

The provision of clear and visible performance
and service planning information.

Enabling management of incoming work
based on resources and productivity

Easy to interpret graphics showing
current performance and future projection
of performance

Quick to implement, and simple to perform
‘what if’ scenarios

A proven approach to performance
improvement and work management
Performance Management

Enabling management of individual and
team performance.

The tool brings data from a number of your core systems together to provide a detailed picture of performance information.

Provides actual weekly performance data linked to targets covering productivity, resolution and quality of work.

Detailed management reports that provide valuable performance information.

Modules can be bought separately or as a bundle for even better value!
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