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This is a list of organisations within Local Government we are proud to be associated with:

Institute of Revenues,
Ratings and Valuation
Supporting the IRRV and sharing our specialist knowledge in a number of articles that have been published in the IRRV magazine.

Unisys Ltd
Working in partnership with Unisys to support in the delivery of transformational projects
within Revenues and Benefits.

HCL Axon Ltd
Working with Axon to provide specialist knowledge in the area of Revenues and Benefits organisational design.

Pronzato Ltd
Providing a wide range of HR consultancy services and change management expertise.

Sean Langley (IRRV)
Indigo Edge are pleased to support the publishing of "The Phat Controller" written by
Sean Langley (IRRV).

Entec Si Ltd
Working in partnership with Entec to provide Local Government expertise.

Fujitsu Ltd
Working with Fujitsu to provide Revenues and Benefits expertise and project /
programme management.