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Organisational Redesign “Doing more for less”
- London Borough of Lambeth


Historically, Lambeth Benefits service was failing its residents by providing a poor and unresponsive Housing Benefit service to its 40,000
customers. Analysis revealed that infrastructure was not ‘fit for purpose’, 50% of the organisation was in a ‘support/ crisis’ role; and policies
and procedures were not sufficiently customer focused. Lambeth recognised this and put in place a Transformation delivery programme.


Indigo Edge undertook design analysis, developed the business case and supported the implementation of a new organisational structure.
They conducted a detailed analysis of data including volumes and throughput of work by each team and developed a comprehensive organisational cost/benefit model.

Results / Benefits

The key measure of success has been the realisation of year on year efficiency savings in excess of £1.5 million.
This has been achieved through:

A reduction in temporary staff from 40% to 12%

Appointment of 40 new permanent employees (24 trainees)

A new and streamlined senior management team in place

Improved staff satisfaction including career progression.

Customer centric culture and improved customer satisfaction.                           Click Here to download the FULL case study