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Indigo Edge is a leader in delivering specialist support to local government clients.
Across the UK, users of Indigo Edge products and services are better able to meet the
challenges of local authority service delivery, be more responsive and more efficient.

With a proven track record in delivering real benefits to clients through a structured
approach to change, our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Now entering its fourth year, the company has single-mindedly pursued the vision of its founders,
Sarah Pritchard and Helen Robertson. The company's core values are centred on the
integrity and belief in the value of people, and delivering real and sustainable change to customers.
This is what motivates us to continue to support Authorities to succeed on their journey of change.
Many customers benefit from the Indigo Edge way of working: Commitment to analyse & understand customer
needs and the ability to deliver what we say we will deliver – ensuring our customer’s performance excels.

Helen Robertson Sarah Pritchard  

Sarah has over 10 years experience working within Local Authority to deliver change. Her career stemmed from a more technical background within the large mainframe technology industry helping to support and analyse customer requirements and ensuring systems met the needs of the customer. This led Sarah to return to University to gain a BA (Hons) in Business Information Systems. Sarah has extensive knowledge in the area of Contact Management Strategy, focusing on areas such as Revenues and Benefits Contact
Centres and also Corporate Contact Centres. She is also highly experienced in process re-design and has worked with a number of Councils to analyse and re-design processes to identify more efficient and customer focussed ways of working.